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Frequently Asked Questions

When and how do I get paid?
How do I request/assign myself a shop?
Why was my shop request declined or not accepted in time?
I can't do my shop on the intended date. How do I reschedule?
Why must I read shop guidelines and where do I find them?
I'm having issues with iSecretShop's website or mobile app.
I received a check from Intouch Insight. Is it legit?
How do I activate geo-tagging on my mobile device?
Can I be advised when particular shops become available?
Can I complete shops in multiple countries?
How do I get my earnings records for tax purposes?
The app says you pay out in 13 days - why haven't I received payment?

The app averages the payout times for shops, this is not accurate data.  Payments occur on the 15th and last day of each month for work completed in the half month prior to the current period.

For example, shops performed between Jan 1st and Jan 14th inclusively will be paid on Jan 31th. Payments are typically sent to PayPal by noon of the pay date.