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Frequently Asked Questions

When and how do I get paid?
How do I request/assign myself a shop?
Why was my shop request declined or not accepted in time?
I can't do my shop on the intended date. How do I reschedule?
Why must I read shop guidelines and where do I find them?
I'm having issues with iSecretShop's website or mobile app.
I received a check from Intouch Insight. Is it legit?
How do I activate geo-tagging on my mobile device?
Can I be advised when particular shops become available?
Can I complete shops in multiple countries?
How do I get my earnings records for tax purposes?
The app says you pay out in 13 days - why haven't I received payment?

The app averages the payout times for shops, this is not accurate data and we make our payments every 2 weeks based on our payment schedule.